About Our Company


Professional in Every Aspect

Our corporate philosophy – “To Serve God and Our Fellowmen” inspires us to move on and to give only the best of our products and services in our endeavour to meet customers satisfaction.


Focused Product Lines

Our product lines are focused on industrial adhesives, unsaturated polyester resins, textile chemicals and coating resins; serving for: wood working, paper converting, tapes, fiberglass reinforced plastics, boats, etc.


Chemical Expert for You

Solving your problematic chemical calculation and help you to create it by providing chemical you need. Through our branches in Indonesia and distributors abroad, our products and services are ready to cater for the domestic and overseas markets.

Our corporate philosophy - "To Serve God and Our Fellowmen"

What We Do


Chemical Production

We produce our chemical in Indonesia and process it to become a chemical you need for your production line.

Chemical Distribution

We distribute our chemical almost all around Indonesia. Our Clients also from ASEAN region.

Chemical Manufacture

We also help you to manufacture your product line with the best chemical you need.

Local Training

We provide a training to make you more experience with the use of our chemical with our local expert that has been working with chemical for years.

Global Training Services

We also provide an expert from around the earth just to make sure you become more professional.


We partners with university to develop more product line and make our products more perfects than before.

Join Our Team!

We need your expertise and knowledge, so we can together bring more innovation that can help us to reach more people with our products.
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